Change of Blog Address

…and some other stuff

Yes indeedy, it’s been a while. The main purpose of this post is to advise our vast number of followers that the blog address is reverting to its original name. The xpat-whimz address was one that we paid for and since we haven’t seemed to post for a while and we’re no longer expats…it’s discontinued.

The former and now current address is We may be posting some things again, not sure. We’ve been writing some skits, performing locally as we continue to swim 3X/week. Life in Ocean Pines is good. We love our little house and its backyard view of woods. We’re less than 15 minutes from the ocean. Even though we don’t go as often as I’d like, it feels good to know it’s that close. I’ve gotten to go parasailing and kayaking, but felt we should cancel a tandem hang gliding trip due to the Delta surge. Maybe next year.

A recent experience by a friend of ours inspired me to draw a cartoon. Not usually the political commentary type, I had to express the frustration that is being felt by many. Btw, my friend is OK for now, but he could have died while waiting 30 hours to be admitted for surgery. Just sayin’.

So on that note, we’re loving our October weather. I’m still in shorts and short sleeves as the birds serenade us and flit about the trees, the feeders and the baths. I saw a baby goldfinch today with its parents; it was cheeping and fluffing feathers incessantly. Oh, kids. On my way to the mailbox, I petted no less than 6 neighborhood dogs and chatted with their humans. This really is small town living and it suits us just fine.

Até logo nossos amigos.

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